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What is an Additional Driver?

Additional Driver

Only the person who signed the rental agreement is authorised to drive the vehicle unless a second driver is listed on the rental agreement. An additional driver surcharge is levied to cover the renter’s liability.



If you no longer require your vehicle kindly cancel the booking at least 24-48 hours before the rental takes place. If not cancelled within this time frame, a cancellation penalty will apply. 

Who can rent a vehicle?

Car Hire

Anyone who has had a valid driver’s license for at least two years. A ‘young driver’ surcharge is levied for renters under the age of 23 years old.

When will you be charged an extra day?

Daily charges

You pay for each day you hire a vehicle, which is based on 24 hours rental period. If you return your hired vehicle within 24 hours, you'll still be charged for the full day.  

Can one person drive and another person pay?

designated driver

The person who reserved the vehicle (primary driver) must sign the rental agreement and pay with their credit card. Bank rules do not allow a card holder to transfer the use of their card to another person, no matter who they are.

What are the Payment options?

Payment options

An immediate payment will be made for the daily rental to Computicket Travel.

Vehicle renters must have a valid credit card or embossed cheque card. . This enables the car rental company to hold a deposit in the event of any loss or damage to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is returned, a credit card refund less the extras (fuel, insurance, any damages)  takes place as soon as possible after you have complied with all of his legal obligations in terms of the Rental Agreement, alternatively no later than 21 days after return of the Vehicle.

The refunds are subject to the standard rental Ts & Cs, provided there is no damage. The cardholder should have available funds for the rental deposit which varies according to the vehicle type and duration of rental. 

What are waivers?


Waivers are not insurance. It is a legal, compulsory agreement between the rental company and the renter which generally limits the claim against a renter in the event of loss of or damage to the vehicle.

The two waiver options are:

Standard Waiver: the customer is responsible for a limited liability amount in case of damage or loss. As the cost for a daily standard waiver is lower the liability payable for any damage or loss is higher.

Super Waiver: the customer will also be responsible for a limited liability amount for any damage or loss, but as the cost for a daily super waiver is higher, the liability amount payable for any damage or loss is lower.

Waivers are not honoured by car rental companies in the case of negligence, meaning the customer would be held liable for the full amount of damage (and not just the excess). Examples of this would be to allow an unauthorised person to drive the vehicle, accident due to excessive alcohol consumption or the vehicle being stolen when it was left unlocked. It is advisable to treat a rented vehicle as if it is your own.