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What alternatives do I have to an imprint

Alternative to imprint

Customers can choose to print tickets at home (PAH) or at the venue where an event has this option available. Alternatively do the booking in Store where an imprint is not required.

How do the Stores do an imprint of the credit card

How do the stores do an imprint

By placing the credit card receipt over the credit card and embossing the credit card details onto the receipt for safe keeping

What is a credit card imprint

What is a credit card imprint

The process whereby an impression of the credit card number is made. Customers sign on the imprint or impression to prove that the credit card holder was verified and the tickets were delivered.

When is an imprint of my credit card needed

When is an imprint needed

When tickets are booked via the Call Centre, Internet or mobile applications and paid by credit card and the customer collects the tickets at a Store.

Why is an imprint of my credit card required

Why is an imprint required

For your convenience we offer card-not-present (CNP) transactions via our Call Centre, Internet and mobile applications. As a security measure and in order to ensure the integrity of the transaction, no CNP transaction will be completed without us obtaining a clear and legible imprint of the customer’s bank card and signature when the customer collects its pre-booked tickets. The reason for the card imprint is to prove to local or overseas banks that the card is in fact related to the manual transaction. All banks require their merchants to make an imprint of the card if manual intervention takes place, i.e. Call Centre, Internet or mobile transactions.