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Does the 15 minute window still apply if I use the festival/ itinerary planner

A time limit in the planner

No, it does not. Whilst you add shows to your planner, there is no timer or time limit because you have not requested seats.At this point you cannot be guaranteed seats for the shows you choose.

Once you proceed to request tickets for the individual shows in your planner, the 15 minute window period for payment starts

Remember that every time a new item is added to your basket (not planner) or an existing item is changed in the basket, the timer resets to 15 minutes.



How do I use the festival itinerary planner?

How to use the planner

You need to be logged in on and name your planner to use this facility

Select FESTIVALS, then select the festival you want to attend, mouse over the +P on events displayed and elect the date and time you would like to attend.

Book your tickets for every individual event in the itinerary and proceed to CHECK OUT

What is the festival / itinerary planner

What is the festival planner

The festival planner is available under the category FESTIVALS on This is a calendar where you can list all the performances you plan to go and see during a festival. The planner / calendar will point out any double entries to ensure that you do not have a double booking on a specific day or at a specific time. Proceed to the individual event, request and process payment. You now have the assurance that the events you booked for will not clash with another event time and date.