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What is wrong if I cannot see images or I cannot navigate between pages?

Cannot see the floorplan

The first step is to look at your browser

You should consider running an alternative browser, especially if Microsoft has discontinued support for your version of Windows, making new security fixes potentially unavailable. 

We suggest the free and fully functional Firefox browser. Windows users should also consider the exceptionally fast web browser Opera. 
MacOS users can also use Apple's Safari browser; this is strongly recommended as Microsoft has announced an end to future development of Internet Explorer on MacOS.

All of these alternative browsers are less prone to known security problems than Microsoft Internet Explorer, although you must keep any browser up to date with the latest version available to avoid security problems in the future.

Why do web pages load so slowly?

Slow web page

Some pages are slow because of their content. A page made up of text will be faster to load than a site made up of large photographs. A picture takes much longer to transmit! Full motion video really requires a broadband connection for adequate performance.

Computicket does benefit from automatic caching of popular pages that makes content available to customers more quickly. This means that initially when you sign on, the system might be slow but after browsing the speed will increase.