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Why isn't there more detail with online seating plans for each event?

Detailed Seating plan

The intensity of the graphics required to illustrate every individual seat for all events on our system would dramatically slow navigation through the site.

The enormous amount of information required to identify the status of every single seat in a large venue would also significantly reduce the transmission speed. We have kept to simple diagrams in order to maintain reasonable speed and ease of use on the site.

Some seating plans do display single seats, availability and the grey out of seats that are not available. This facility is available at the promoter’s discretion.

Why aren't all the sold out seats/areas displayed on the seating plan?

Display sold out seats

The producers, promoters and venue managers of the events for which Computicket sells tickets, do not always want the public on the web, or our operators at the outlets, to know how many tickets have been sold.

Therefore, our system offers you the best available tickets per price section or allows you to choose a specific seat or row.

Some seat plans will grey out the seats that are not available. The provision of this facility is at the promoter’s discretion.

Where can I find a seating plan?

Find a seating plan

When you select the event you require, you will be taken to the event specific page with all the event details and a mini seat plan.

On this page, the options TICKETS, FLOOR PLAN or ADDITIONAL INFO display. Choose FLOOR PLAN for a full size seat plan that will highlight the area you are selecting for choice of tickets.

Can I select specific seats when booking online?

Specific seats

On most seating plans, you cannot choose an individual seat. You are assigned the nearest available seat to the position you choose during the first step of the process.

Some seat plans will allow you to select specific seats combined with the grey out of seats that are not available. This provision of this facility is at the promoter’s discretion.