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Why can't I find an event even though I've seen or heard advertising that tickets are available from Computicket?

Can't find an event, though advertised

Sometimes the title or name of the show is advertised differently to how it is listed on Computicket's site. See the tips on finding an event.

I am trying to find a sub genre, example I can't find CRIKET under SPORT?

Cant find a sub genre

The only time when you will experience this is when there are no events listed for sale on Computicket under this sub genre. When a cricket match opens for bookings on the system, the sub genre CRICKET will appear again.

Where can I find a schedule of all forthcoming events?

Forthcoming events

You can use the calendar on the home page or the event guide at the bottom of the home page.

Event Calendar

You can click on any month and day and view all events on a certain day or use the filter to select a specific genre, then search for the month and day.

Event Guide

Computicket produces an event guide covering the events for a period of three (3) months.

The event guide is posted on the website under the heading EVENT GUIDE.

Select the region and look at the events listed per genre. The events included in the event guide are all the events known and confirmed with Computicket at the time of going to press.

Events are subject to cancellation and change and we add events to our system as and when we receive instructions to do so from the promoters, therefore some events might not be included in the latest event guide.  You can pick up a hard copy of the event guide from any Computicket, Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper stores countrywide.

The event guide is available at no cost to our customers you can also call up a list of forthcoming events on a particular date using our various ways of finding an event, especially the EVENT CALENDAR. See no 2 for more information.

I heard a rumor that an event is coming to town. How can I find out if it is true?

Rumors about an event

Computicket only lists events that are confirmed and publicly announced. If you can't find the show in on our site, chances are that it has not yet been confirmed and/or announced.

Keep checking the site and the daily press for developments.

Why can't I find an event that I know is currently playing?

Why can't I

The event may not be available for sale over the Internet or Computicket might not be handling the ticket sales for the event.

Please feel free to email with questions about events that you cannot locate.