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Tygerberg Children`s Choir Pre… - Stellenbosch

Tygerberg Children`s Choir Prestige Concert

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Event Type: Music, Choral

Go on a special musical journey at the Tygerberg Children`s Choir Annual Prestige Concert with special guest 8 Misses Croon.

The choir is currently the world`s best children`s choir on the Interkultur world rankings and one of South Africa`s proudest export products. The choir has won countless major international choral competitions since its inception in 1972 and its unsurpassed legato singing, the maturity of sound, musical power and dynamic interpretation of very difficult material makes Tygerberg Children`s Choir a foremost exponent in the world of international competition choirs.
In this concert, they will be joined by 8 Misses Croon. The popular a cappella band performed at the US-Woordfees 2019 for the second year in a row with their production "Op `n stasie".

After last year`s success (sold-out performances), this year the exuberant women took us on a music train from station to station through a rich variety of moods and styles - from jazz, mash-ups and Afrikaans folk songs to classical and spiritual music.

8 Misses Croon have taken their bow in front of several audiences. Their second album, Like Never Before, was released last year and is available on iTunes and Google Play. The album was also nominated for a SAMA award in the Adult Contemporary category alongside names like Watershed, Roan Ash, Georgetown and Ard Matthews. Don`t miss out.

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