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The Music of David`s Confessio… - Somerset West

The Music of David`s Confession

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Only a few people will have the privilege to witness Mel Botes`s brilliance as songwriter/guitarist. Be one of them!
David`s Confession is considered to be one of the major breakthroughs and phenomenon in the history of South African Rock music. The music and the production had an enormous cult following in the past 20 years. It was written and composed by Mel Botes seven years prior to the recording at the fantastic Bob Studios in 1999!

The CD of this rock-production: David`s Confession - About Time, has become a collector`s item and is very much sought after. This album will once again be available for sale at the Playhouse Theatre in September! This CD is one of the few truly progressive rock CDs to come out of South Africa in the 90`s. Mel Botes will again hand pick top musicians to bring the music of David`s Confession to you and give you a glimpse of its hidden chapters!

Mel`s approach shows incredible insight and passion. His music is unique and refreshing, pure and exhilarating. It is like a vast ocean, at times gripped in the energy of a raging storm, only to return to calm, peaceful tranquillity, or an exquisite painting with its many nuances, rare, delicate and complex, inspired by a deep well of raw, intense emotion.

Don`t miss out.

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