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The Echo of a Noise - Johannesburg And …

The Echo of a Noise

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The Echo of a Noise.

South African playwright, performer and satirist, Pieter-Dirk Uys, has spent his creative life in theatre, with most of his performances focused on other people: politicians, statesmen, icons, weak men, strong women and universal monsters. Satire and humour was the oxygen of his energy. Now for the first time he stands alone on stage without the props and costumes of characters, the headlines and headaches of daily life, or the eyelashes and wigs of his most famous creation, Evita Bezuidenhout. The Echo of a Noise has dazzled audience throughout South Africa, London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

The Echo of a Noise is his personal story behind the stories. Born in Cape Town into a musical family with a Jewish mother and an Afrikaner father, with Mozart as his best friend, Pieter-Dirk Uys weaves his monologue from the fun and fear of growing up, through the stress and celebrations of young teenage discoveries, into the minefield of the years of apartheid where he fought that monster with bittere gelachte.

His German Oma introduced him to Schnitzel und Pfefferkuchen, Max und Moritz and a little Berliner Schnautze. His Afrikaner Ouma warned him that the English were his arch-enemies, the Catholics were the anti-Christ and the Jews were all thieves! Helga Bassel, his Berlin-born mother, made him believe that dreams can come true. Hannes Uys, his Calvinist father, forced him to exchange the dreams for the hard realities of life. Recently Pieter-Dirk Uys was in his mother`s birth city of Berlin, telling this unique story which could in so many ways reflect the experiences of his audience, as it has done in the sold-out South African seasons.

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