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The Dead Tinder Society - Johannesburg And …

The Dead Tinder Society

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Event Type: On Stage, Comedy

dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire

How do you ignite your lovelife after a messy divorce? With Tinder! But the problem with Tinder is that it is like a magnet. A freak-magnet!

The Dead Tinder Society explores the funny, scary, vulnerable world of dating. Not just any dating ? online dating. Specifically, Tinder. Especially in 2019 when technology is at its peak, human connection is tenuous, at best, and the prospect of sex with new people is as alarming as it is tantalising.

This hilarious romp through lust, one-night stands, rage, heartbreak, desire, friendship, loyalty and re-discovering oneself after the dust has settled, tries to answer many questions: How do you resurrect your love life while mothering a baby and a toddler? How do you forgive? And how do you tell a famous Springbok that you won`t have sex with him on the N1?

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