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Tailor Becoming Anna Wolf Tour - Cape Town

Tailor Becoming Anna Wolf Tour

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Wolf, previously known as Tailor, went through her thousand-plus demos and relived the nostalgia of all her growing pains as an artist until one night she wrote a song that she believed would speak through `` a Boxta Martin and Johnson`s produced lens `` to millions.

She took her guitar and went to the bathtub, recorded herself on her cell phone and performed the song by stumping her feet against the tub to create a sound that is still used in the final mix.

She sent the song to Boxta Martin and Johnson who summoned her to the iconic Matrix Recording Studios (Adele, Lana Del Rey) where they recorded her new single, BELIEVER!

Boxta Martin and Johnson offered ANNA WOLF an artist development deal under their company The Three Bears Entertianment and is busy recording a full E.P. with her in studio.

The now London-based ANNA WOLF wants to share her journey of discovery with her TAILOR BECOMING ANNA WOLF South African Tour.

She will land in South Africa in November and plan to do an intimate string of performances where her hypnotic stage presence will captivate the imaginations of those who dare to follow their dreams.

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