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Sex After Marriage is a scene - Johannesburg And …

Sex After Marriage is a scene

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Over the years, Mashabela Galane has become a household name in comedy. By staying true to himself through his shows done in Sepedi, South Africans have come to enjoy the indigenous comedyshows far more than before. This year, Mashabela will be returning to the stage to kick-start his one-man show on Sex After Marriage.As the comedy market has proven itself as one of the fastest growingindustries in SA.Through comedy, the show will be unpacking the ups and downs thatcouples go through in a marriage. Individuals change as they grow intheir roles as husband and wife, and the show is set to unpack all thethings that couples (and singletons) can identify with. By bringing alighter side to the day-to-day life challenges of a relationship creating conversations on living consciously as social activists.

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