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Reflections on a legend: 46664 - Johannesburg And …

Reflections on a legend: 46664

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Event Type: Music, Classic And Orchestral


"The greatest glory in living is not in falling, but in rising every time we fall." Mandela

The award-winning Odeion String Quartet honour Nelson Mandela with a musical juxtaposition on the combination of the prison number 466/64. This retrospective amalgamation will comprise of an ensemble pairing that attributes to each number, namely a quartet, triple sextet and a quartet.

4- a string quartet by Michael Stimpson titled Robben Island

6- a string sextet by Antonin Dvorak in A major op.48 I- Allegro- moderato

6- a string sextet by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky in D minor Op.70 II Adagio cantabile e con moto

6- a string sextet by Johannes Brahms in B flat major Op.18 II- Andante, ma moderato

4- a string quartet by Matthis van Dijk titled Reflections Of A Moment with Samson Diamond and Sharon de Kock on the violins, Jeanne-Louise Moolman and Elsabe Raath on the violas and Anmari van der Westhuizen and Susan Mouton on the cellos. Narrated by Thesele Kemane

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