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Nataniel - When Giants Waltz - Johannesburg And …

Nataniel - When Giants Waltz

Event Information

Event Type: On Stage, Afrikaans

Singer, songwriter & storyteller Nataniel returns to the Theatre of Marcellus at Emperors Palace with his latest stage creation, When Giants Waltz.
Staged with his trademark stylistic lighting and dramatic wardrobe, Nataniel uses his unique stories in English and Afrikaans to look at the age-old phenomenon of the big versus the small, the ever-present struggle between the indestructible and the threatened, the constant war between the individual and the establishment, the tiring debate between the political and the intelligent.
Nataniel performs music from the endless catalogue of blues and jazz evergreens, pop classics and original songs. He shares the stage with 7 world-class musicians.
Always fantastical, funny and unpredictable, this is Nataniel for the connoisseur.

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