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Michael Jackson History Show

Michael Jackson History Show

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Event Type: On Stage, Musicals

Dantanio`s fascination and connection with Jackson began as a small boy when he was introduced to the King of Pop through his older brother who brough home a copy of Thriller on cassette in 1989. The album had a sound and feel that Dantanio (indeed the world) had never heard before and with his acute musical mind, even at the age of 8, he soon became fixated, stealing his brothers cassette any time he was gone from the house and teach himself the now-famous choreography.

This overt and genuine love for Jackson was one of the key factors won Dantanio his starring role in The Michael Jackson HIStory Show. The show`s director, Johnny Van Grinsven, auditioned impersonators from around the world but found only one person had the unique combination of traits needed to fully inhabit the role - a technically astute voice, exceptional skill and style as a dancer, an observant nature and obsessive eye for detail, and a physicality that would mould easily to match Jackson`s, plus one special quality: Dantanio knows and loves Jackson. Audiences can sense that - at the core of it all he is just a fan like them and that makes it special, genuine, real.

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Izulu Theatre, Sibaya Casino, Durban - Kwazulu-Natal

Carnival City, Big Top Arena, Johannesburg And Reef - Gauteng