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Fawlty Flowers - Johannesburg And …

Fawlty Flowers

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Event Type: On Stage, Comedy

There`s only one Fawlty Towers - and there`s no other married couple quite like Basil and Sybil!

The BBC television sitcom from the 1970`s, voted the best British TV series of all time, has fans all over the world, including Annie Robinson and Mark Mulder!

Confirmed Fawlty fans since the `70`s, gifted South African comedienne Annie and accomplished Mark have been performing their two-hander Faulty Flowers! in and around KZN for the past two years and they now get the chance to share this uniquely Fawlty experience with Johannesburg audiences.

Devised and directed by Paul Spence, Fawlty Flowers! Is pure, delicious Fawlty fun from first word to last. The much put-upon Basil, bossy Sybil, eccentric waiter Manuel and pretty Polly are all there ? and the audience suddenly get the distinct feeling that they are guests in the dining room of the infamous Torquay hotel!

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