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Claude Bolling Suite Jazz with an African Twi…

Claude Bolling Suite Jazz with an African Twist

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Event Type: Music, Classic And Orchestral

Claude Bolling`s Suite is a Jazz inspired work for classical flute and Jazz, hailed as a perfect representation of both genres which pioneered `crossover` music in the mid-seventies.
While retaining the integrity of the original work, Zafroics intends to push the boundaries of Suite, by emphasising the musical potential of Jazz and includes subtle African textures utilising percussion while experimenting with tonal colour.

Zafroics is made up of a team of well known musicians who are acclaimed locally and internationally. They are Rashid Lanie (piano), Lex Futshane (bass), Stacey van Schalkwyk Naidoo (flute), and Godfey Mcina (drums and percussion). Collectively, their expertise spans an eclectic blend of musical styles that include intercultural approaches to music making.

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