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Bloopers - Durban


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Event Type: On Stage, Comedy

What could possibly go wrong, when your favourite screwball couple - Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert - bring one of their funniest shows to their favourite haunt? MacBob Productions presents Bloopers for a limited run at UKZN`s Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in Durban!

Ever wondered why you laugh when bad things happen to other people? Is it just a coping mechanism? Maybe it`s a sign of a terrible childhood! Or just a relief response that it didn`t happen to you!

Well, don`t just settle for second best, watching online, when you can go out and be part of the action! Join married masters of mirth Aaron and Lisa in their smash hit, upper cut, roundhouse kick comedy, Bloopers at The Sneddon! These legends of self-deprecation, boldly go where no intelligent person should, as they rugby tackle subjects such as Cultural Appropriation. Landfills. Land grabs. Hand Grabs. Cannabis Oil.. and the ridiculous things we humans get up to... all to a rocking musical back beat!

After years and years of scoring spectacular drop kicks in the comedy stakes, these two inexhaustibly funny peeps just keep raising the bar!!! Need proof? Come to Bloopers, you`ll know all about it!!

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