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Bianca Del Rio: It`s Jester Jo… - Cape Town

Bianca Del Rio: It`s Jester Joke

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Event Type: On Stage, Comedy

Bianca Del Rio`s "It`s Jester Joke"

The self-proclaimed `Clown in a Gown` will tell tales of her world travels and the outrageous circus that is her life on the most ambitious solo drag show tour in history on her brand-new comedy show "It`s Jester Joke".

Irreverent and fierce, Bianca is guaranteed to keep audiences in stitches with her comical `tell-it-like-it-is` views, from politics and travel to family and social media that has seen her become one of the biggest drag superstars in the world today. Don`t miss the chance to see The Queen of Mean in her uncompromisingly funny new show.

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