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Adieu - The Family Players - Durban

Adieu - The Family Players

Event Information

Event Type: On Stage, Cabaret

It is with heavy hearts and even heavier make-up bags, that we bid an adieu. A goodbye. A so-long. An auf weidersien. A final, but fabulous, frolicsome, fast-change fiesta farewell to the merry members of a disreputable Durban institution!* As steeped in ancient natural history as Tafta, as soaked in sun and spirit as a beachfront car guard, as synonymous with Durban as the Bluff, as full of local colour as the Durban July, but with better costumes! We speak of the family players! Who are delighted to announce one last flick of mascara, one final fan-kick and an ultimate torch-song to the years of hilarity and charity and hope that they have delighted Durban audiences with for...well, forever! A showcase of memorable musical mimed moments, of hysterical anecdotes, a little sadness and a whole lot of heart! They are joined by mystery guests who lead us down a memory lane of mirth and melody. Do not miss this last backward glance into and intrinsic part of the fabric of which is Durban entertainment!

* all of whom should be confined - well, they have all been incarcerated in a variety of fascinating, individual circumstances, but I digress..

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