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8 Seasons Vivaldi & Piazzolla - Stellenbosch

8 Seasons Vivaldi & Piazzolla

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Oude Libertas Summer Season Festival 2018/19

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Event Type: On Stage, Family

The concept of `The Eight Seasons` has been done many times all over the world as well as a few times in South Africa.

It is a compilation of Antonio Vivaldi`s Four Seasons Concertos (Le Quattro Stagioni) for Violin & String Orchestra, together with Astor Piazzolla`s Four Seasons of Buenos Aires (Cuatro Estaciones Porte?as).

All of those would be normally played with a Solo Violin & String orchestra which is the original intention of Vivaldi but not of Piazzolla. Piazzolla`s original was for his Tango Quinteto.

In this production we`d have 2 well known celebrated bands from Cape Town sharing the stage and giving us `The Eight Seasons`.

In this case we would have the original Piazzolla`s Four Seasons version for a Tango Quartet, combined with an arrangement of Vivaldi`s Four Seasons for a Trio of Violin, Accordion and Bass Guitar.

CT Tango Ensemble

Stanislav Angelov - Accordion

Petrus de Beer - Violin

Albert Combrink - Piano
Charles Lazar - Double Bass

World Cafe Trio

Petruse de Beer - Violin

Stanislav Angelov - Accordion

Schalk Joubert - Bass Guitar

Vivaldi und Piazzolla haben unendliche Schatzkiste von Kompositionen . Stanislav mit seinem World Cafe Trio und Cape Town Ensemble verzaubern die 4 Jahreszeiten von Vivaldi und die 4 Jahreszeiten von Piazzollz in eine Wunderwelt. Ihnen gelingen Kompositionen von besonderer Schonheit und unwechselbarem Stil , nur mit Klavier, Geige , Accordion und Bass.

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