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#79 The Heart of the Harvest M… - Mc Gregor

#79 The Heart of the Harvest Moon/Oesmaanhart

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Poetry in McGregor 2019

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Event Type: Lifestyle, Cultural & Edutainment

Join Sandra Hill & Ilze Olckers in a participatory tribute to an award-winning poet of the natural world, Mary Oliver. For us, Mary Oliver is a moon poet. Her task was to observe, and then to reflect our place `among the family of things` back at us. She didn`t need to shine of her own accord, her job was to be that bride `married to amazement`. Her job was to notice, `pay attention`, witness the cycles, `by morning to have vanished a thousand times into something better` ? and ? `to tell about it`. These are in fact her Instructions for Living a Life!

Bring two or three of your favourite Mary Oliver poems to read and join in a moonlike meander where Sandra curates and holds the space, and Ilze reflects back some of Oliver`s most beloved poems in Afrikaans, inviting them into a South African landscape and language, bringing them and us home to McGregor.

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