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#51 Lutesong - Mc Gregor

#51 Lutesong

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Poetry in McGregor 2019

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Event Type: Lifestyle, Cultural & Edutainment

Miniature Masterpieces

Elizabethan court poetry in the songs of John Dowland (1563-1626)

Lente Louw (mezzo soprano) and Uwe Grosser (Renaissance lute) present a selection of songs by John Dowland.
Highly regarded as lutenist and composer in courts and homes throughout Elizabethan Europe, scholars still regard him as one of the most important English composers of all time. His four `Bookes of Songs and Ayres` are unparallelled in terms of expressivity and musical innovation and his eloquent poetry provide us with much insight into court life and mindsets of his day. In this unique concert, short commentaries on some of these fascinating topics, including some insights into the role of music in the special brand of politics of Queen Elizabeth I, will be illuminated by three sets of his most beautiful songs, presented in a historically sensitive manner.

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