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#20 Beside Myself - Mc Gregor

#20 Beside Myself

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Poetry in McGregor 2019

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Event Type: Lifestyle, Cultural & Edutainment

The creative impulse does not emanate from the conscious mind. It has a source that can be described as `beside` the creative person. In this sense it is reminiscent of the expression `to be beside oneself with joy or grief, or some other strong emotion.` In ancient times this phenomenon was fleshed out in the concept of the `muse`. A muse being one of the divine persons (always a woman) who `inspires` or breathes the creative material into the ears of the poet or artist. The metaphor of the earth having a `female companion` beside `him` comes to mind. The moon who never leaves the side of the earth is essential to what is created on and by the earth: tides of the sea, the delicate balance of gravity between the two bodies, the seasons, the waxing and waning of the months - not to mention the poetry and song created with the moon as subject over the ages. To apply the concept: I cannot create (a poem) unless I become `beside myself`, that is: I enter a creative state of mind which is different from my everyday, businesslike state of mind. One could say it is a state `beside myself`. In this state I receive the creative impulse from the unknown source we often call our muse.

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