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#10 Zisyphus (Buffalo thorn tr… - Mc Gregor

#10 Zisyphus (Buffalo thorn tree) Group

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Poetry in McGregor 2019

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Event Type: Lifestyle, Cultural & Edutainment

Our creative writing workshop was begun by the late Lionel Abrahams, an acclaimed poet, novelist, critic and publisher, back in 1975. It functioned under the auspices of the Johannesburg Art Foundation as part of their curriculum. This forum rapidly expanded to include anyone who wanted to hone writing skills, and when Lionel became frail, it migrated to his home in Rivonia.

The workshop is a free association of very diverse writers, who thrive on feedback from their peers. Members bring novels, short stories, memoirs, biographies and screenplays as well as poems. The first (major) part of the evening is devoted to reading the work aloud and discussing it; then we eat and drink wine and talk about the world and our lives.

In McGregor we plan to demonstrate how we operate, sharing some of our new work publicly and asking for feedback from the audience, just as we do every Thursday evening. The four poets representing the workshop are David Jeppe, Jane Fox, Jill Marais and Kay Brown, published poets and long-standing members.

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