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Sunflower Fest 2017 - Cape Town

Sunflower Fest 2017

Event Information

Event Type: Music, Rave And Dance

Where words leave off, music begins
Where winter wanes, springs ascends

This year we celebrate half a decade of following the sun, five years of rebirth from winter into summer. And we`re doing it the only way we know how...

Under the stars and barefoot on the earth.

It`s time to clean up and get dirty, get dressed up and get messy as we gather, yet again, for one of Cape Town`s most loved Spring events.

Sunflower Festival 2017 is our salute to the best local and imported artists our community is producing.

With 2 main dance floors showcasing a spectrum of electronic music including psytrance, progressive and techno, this year the focus is on unity. Unity through music, through culture, through dreams and through our collective love - of the beat.

This year we`ll feast on the bass and revel in the rhythm, unlocking a wild and wonderful adventure of improv and embellishment where you are the stars.

Expect a daytime playground transformed into a night time wonderland - a symphony of lights complimented by an invasion of the senses.

This will be our greatest composition yet, and you will play it`s notes.

Sunflower Family - Are you ready?Watch this space for more information. Competitions. Details. Artist releases and more.

Super Early Bird Tickets go on sale Monday 24 April at all Computicket outlets - R290





Additional headlining & local acts to be released soon...

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