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SNOTKOP - Cape Town


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Event Type: On Stage, Afrikaans

Francois Henning, better known by his stage name Snotkop, is a well-known Afrikaans and Sotho singer and rapper. He started his music career at the age of 15 preparing demo CD`s and in the late 1990`s adopted the stage name Lekgou singing in the South African Kwaito genre of music.

The album HKGK was released on June 24th and includes 13 banging tracks with the same vibrant, infectious bass lines Snotkop has given his fans on his previous albums with a more current edge. The album is a dance record and features the lead single Cool Soos Koos Kombuis and other tracks such as Hoe Lykit; Woestersous; Raak Vir My Rustig; Meisie Ferguson; Kom Ek Soen Dit Beter and Dans & Stop. The lead single features an epic dance beat and shows off the singer`s strong vocals. This album is one that get`s you up on your feet and rocking some dance moves.

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