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Alleenstryd: Hendrik Hofmeyr Huldigingskonser…

Alleenstryd: Hendrik Hofmeyr Huldigingskonsert

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This event is part of the
Klein Karoo Klassique 2017 Festival

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Event Type: Music, Classic And Orchestral

With Minette du Toit-Pearce (mezzo soprano), Lauren Dasappa (soprano), Jolene McCleland (mezzo soprano) and Jose Dias (piano) Guest performance: Hendrik Hofmeyr

In honour of Hendrik Hofmeyr`s 60th year, this recital provides a glimpse into the vocal compositions of this musical maestro. Look forward to music including Alleenstryd (text by S.V. Petersen), Of Darkness and the Heart (text by Fiona Zerbst) and In die skadu van die son (text by Lina Spies).

Met Minette du Toit-Pearce (mezzo-sopraan), Lauren Dasappa (sopraan), Jolene McCleland (mezzo-sopraan) en Jose Dias (klavier) Gasoptrede: Hendrik Hofmeyr.

Hierdie gedenkkonsert ter ere van Hendrik Hofmeyr se 60ste lewensjaar gee `n klein blik op die vokale komposisies van die musikale reus in ons midde. Musiek op die program sluit in Alleenstryd (teks deur S.V. Petersen), Of Darkness and the Heart (teks deur Fiona Zerbst) en In die skadu van die son (teks deur Lina Spies).

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